True Story

Had to go to Home of Economy ( the everything store) today to get coveralls of Skater boy who has become worker boy....Thought that was the perfect store as they also carry animal feed and well fiesta ware, cowboy bbots, john deere clothing ,and many other things that make my heart go pitter pat.....

So as I am checking out I tell the nice young man "hey can you throw some layer feed on the bill".........He looks at me and says with a totally serious straight face "for your horses?"....!!!!!!!!..... You would of been proud of me.I did not start laughing so hard I was crying until I got IN the car.hahahahahaha It was so one of those here your sign moments.....


Thank you so much for all your input. I have an idea of what I am going to want. I messed around with my camera for a bit and rigged something so its at least temporarily working. The problem is in the SD card. Its not reading it even when its in the camera. I jammed something between the the door and card and for some odd reason its working. But I doubt for long..

I dont know how the heck I keep breaking my camera's. I baby them.My kids always say if you want something brand new looking just get moms phone or camera. So I cant understand why they break. I must be bad at picking them. Lol...........At least now I can get more pictures until this one breaks again!!

I just have one more thing to say

GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!


Jan said…
And how much fiestaware jumped in the cart?!! :-)
val said…
okay, go packers....yay. Oh wait, since the Saints didn't make it, let's try that again.


BTW, I think it would be interesting to watch a horse lay an egg....

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