Can You Say Spoiled?

What a great surprise week I had this week!!! WH and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary last week. We had a great week. He spoiled me with dinner out to a great restaurant and a whole day to do nothing. Let me tell you we did nothing too! Can you ask for a great gift? He also slipped a beautiful Amethyst ring in there but I still have to get a picture of that. I got him some binoculars so he can stalk all the wildlife here a little better.

But then I get some awesome presents in the mail! Firstmy favorite customer sent me these goodies. A wonderful little table runner that I am so in love with and some guest dish cloths. They are so sweet! I love this lady. Se pays me to quilt for her AND spoils me rotten!
Then I get this box from Jody. WOWZERS! I cannot even explain how much I love these gifts. So meaningful too. She knows me very well.

The sweetest turtle purse charm. Its already on my purse. I LOVE it! A really really neat pot holder ( that will NEVER be used as a pot holder) made by a group to benefit foster children on the Kenai Peninsula. She knows this is near and dear to my heart. Little A was one of those kids a few short years back.

The show stopper though. The one thing I have been drooling over but just not gotten for myself is a hand welded flower cone holder for my sewing machine.I can finally pitch that ugly black thing from Joannes! I LOVE it!!!

Thank you so much KT and Jody! You gals are the bestest!

BTW I have finished 3 tops of the 16 stash quilts with 2 more soon to follow. I have pictures but I wanted to post this first. Soon though!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Becca and hubby!
Jan said…
Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!
taylorsoutback said…
Congratulations on your 23rd!
Have to say I love your new cone stand! I know exactly which black thing from Joann's you mean as I am using one too! I sure like the look of your new stand!!

Can you believe the Pack is one game away from the Super Bowl???!!
Freda said…
Congratulations to you and your DH on your 23rd Anniversary. Aweome gifts and I can totally see you using that cone holder. I have one of the black ones. Yuck!

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