1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.
2. A resolving to do something.
3. A course of action determined or decided on.

I have never been a "New Years" resolution person. I make and set goals all year long. I do however use Jan 1 as one of the pivotal moments that I reflect on what I have accomplished.

This last year has been a year of sadness for me and for my family. So many things that I haven't even discussed here. As far as Goals/Resolutions go tho I think it has also been a successful year. Personally and also business wise I feel we are so much more ahead then we were a year ago.

I still havent completely set my business up here. I have a few customers from Alaska (thank HEAVENS they are understanding and patient). I do have a couple of people here that are making noises about bringing me quilts. Honestly......I will take it if it comes or not. I am so happy having time for my own things. I am VERY happy to have outside time in the summer. (I know this still shocks a few of you.YES I love to go outside now!)

I have set a goal for myself. I still have the goal of completing my UFOs while not adding to them. That I have a feeling will be long running. My new goal however is going to be a tough one. I want to put a large dent in my stash. What you dont know is that I have 8 dressers of stash.I am not ashamed of that.hahahah. It was a lot of hard work accumulating all that material!

No I am not counting up all the yardage as some have done. I bow in respect to those that do! But I will count what I have used. Since I made this goal last week I took on a challenge. To make 16 quilts for 16 very special people. I have completed two in the last week using about 3 yards of material. I only had to purchase 1 yard to fill in the gaps so far. Now I only have 14 to go. I really want to pull as much of this from my stash as possible. I will let you know how it goes! Pictures will follow soon. :)


Diana said…
That's a hefty goal! Good start on it too. Best of luck to you and have a wonderful year using up that stash...or not LOL
Jen Sue Wild said…
You are amazeing!! I hope you have a wonderful new year!!
Joanie said…
Do you ever post pictures of your finished quilts? I'd love to see them!
Frankly Frankie said…
I hope you take pic's of your 16 quilts.....That's awesome. I should tackle the RR we did for Mark :) it has been long enough huh??? Love & Miss you!

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