Two Drink Minimum

My favorite customer sent me this wedding ring last week. Looks pretty flat doesn't it........ :0).....She is amazing my favorite customer. 80 something and still whipping those quilts out. I will pull out ALL the tricks to flatten out her tops. I just feel privileged she still wants to send her quilt tops from Alaska.I also joined another swap. I couldnt hel[ myself! How can you say no to a Cheer Up swap? It looks like so much fun and I cant wait to stalk my partners blog to see how I can cheer them up!
Dont think I have given up on my Stash quilts. I am on 8 right now! I just haven't gotten pictures of the last finished flimsies. Wouldn't you know it other quilts just creep right in there and demand attention! I havent added any new material to the stash yet. I say yet because my favorite Quilt shop employee Jody should be sending me some soon! In my defense though its for a baby quilt that I actually couldn't pull from my stash for!

I even had a hard time believing that but its true!


TerriW said…
Hey, Becca! Are those red snappers on your machine? I got mine in the mail today, but have a quilt on the machine already...then retreat so I probably won't get them on until next week...How do you like them?

taylorsoutback said…
Your customer's DWR quilt looks amazing...80 years old??? I hope we are all still turning them out in our 80's...just remarkable!

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