We have a start :)

I have been working my little fingers to the bone! Well not really. In reality I have had an adult beverage at hand and a heck a lot of chocolate! It has als helped that WH was out of town for a week leaving me with plenty of free time after Little A was in bed. YAY for free time!

Each flimsy ( heheh I just love that word! Thank you Randi!) I was actually able to personalise to each person. Shocking that I had the fabric to do that huh.Lol The first one is for a John Wayne fan..

I ordered the pictures off of EBAY and only had to purchase 1 yard of fabric for this!
This is for a Mouse lover. I had to purchase 1/2 yd for this one.
Recognize the blocks? Did not have to buy a single piece for this flimsy!
Bel is back on the job as quilt inspector. This one is all about the tea pots and tea cups. I had to purchase 1/2 yd for this one.

I am having SO MUCH fun with this challenge. I feel such a sense of accomplishment as I finish each one. The best part is that each person that receives them will see that they are made just for them. AND at the end of all this I will have a cleaner quilt studio! Its a win win!

Have you challenged yourself this year? I would love to hear about it.


Anonymous said…
i challenged myself to do something "quilty" each day of my 50th year. it has been a challenge but i'm getting better at it.
Jody said…
Me?? Challenge myself??!? You must be kidding!! (I'll take the coffee quilt off your hands, tho)
val said…
your quilts are gorgeous. Challenge....um, I got out of bed and went to work today...does that count? hee hee!!!!
Jan said…
Those are all beautiful!!!! And I suddenly feel like such the slacker....

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