Football Break

Phew! What a stressful day! Pictures on the game day later. Lol. We had a house FULL of packers/bears fans. It got LOUD let me tell you! But the PACK prevailed and on to the Superbowl!!!!! Yeah baby! Color me happy :)....

Anyhow this is another stash buster. Not part of the 16 though! My fave cousin called me in hopes I could hook her up with a baby quilt for a good friends baby shower. It is SO SAD that I had just what she was looking for in my stash. Not only did I have enough for the quilt but also a matching hooter hider....Ladies I have a problem.hahahahaha Again, not one I plan on changing but still a problem none the less.
You didnt think I would get a picture of the quilt without Bel did you? Tried to get WH to hold her but he was to busy laughing that she was growling at the camera.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine!!!!!



Joanie said…
That's a lovely quilt!
Jody said…
Love the quilt top--and I'm off to work on tensions--ugh--I NEED you!!

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