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Its Time!

One day to get packed and get everything ready for Disney World...The whirlwind is ABOUT to begin! I know it will go so fast my head will be spinning when I get home.I can also guarantee a GREAT time with 3 of my best BFFs....

Lots of surprises in store and laughs to be had..Tea time at the Grand Floridian and dinner at Be Our Guest :)..I cant wait to get a pic with the beast! I can also promise LOTS of pictures..One thing I know about my girls is that there will be cameras a plenty!

I am going to take FULL advantage of my week away as I will be moving 2 days after I get home! So stay tuned friends GREAT things are heappening. But first I am off to earn some long awaited BLING!


Here's The Scoop

When last I left you (lol that sounds SO much like a soap opera) we were headed to Sioux Falls to find a house..Boy I wish it were that easy! Nothing ever is lol.At least not for us.

So WH and I wasted no time and got to looking for a house. I had sent the realtor a list of about 8. One we deleted because when the realtor called to set up the appointment the owner said our timing was not convenient for her. If we couldnt wait a few extra days for the open house then she really didnt want to show it..Ummmm ok..BITE ME...No problem deleting that house...

Between house showings we scoured the city for a hotel to live in until we could close. Hoping and praying the owner of what ever house we found would let us rent.By the end of the first day I had found the PERFECT house..Seriously WH and I walked in the door and both new instantly it was the one..None of the others even came close.

Best part is that we do not want to change a THING about it! If you dont know us then you wont understan…