Its Time!

One day to get packed and get everything ready for Disney World...The whirlwind is ABOUT to begin! I know it will go so fast my head will be spinning when I get home.I can also guarantee a GREAT time with 3 of my best BFFs....

Lots of surprises in store and laughs to be had..Tea time at the Grand Floridian and dinner at Be Our Guest :)..I cant wait to get a pic with the beast! I can also promise LOTS of pictures..One thing I know about my girls is that there will be cameras a plenty!

I am going to take FULL advantage of my week away as I will be moving 2 days after I get home! So stay tuned friends GREAT things are heappening. But first I am off to earn some long awaited BLING!



Claudia said…
Can't wait to hear all about it.

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