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Just Another Day In Paradise

I decided it was time to get my schedule back up and running. I have 9 customer quilts downstairs to tackle and just had the overwhelming feeling that IT WAS TIME..........This one is for a quilt shop in Anchorage....That is Irony at its best...I tried for years to get some "big" costumers in ANchorage but finally gave up...I move to North Dakota and start contemplate quitting and what happens?
 Its a very simple quilt. A basic strip quilt with staggered flying geese. I LOVE it!..It has now gone on my must make list.
Got this done and played a little with other fabric projects. Did a little cleaning with some emphasis on little and then called it a day. Still not up to par but feeling better then yesterday........You know I cant leave ya without a little vinyl love :).........
For my little men that I will be meeting in Disney World. They LOVE  are obsessed with monster trucks.

I Am Too Old To Learn New Tricks

Bear with me...........For one thing I am sick..Or as it REALLY sounds when I say it Im thick....No voice, sore throat and fever...Its all Skater boys fault. Seriously. That rotten kid......But for ANOTHER thing this ne blog format has confused me beyond reason!........So for now.....
Dont you LOVE my shoes! Wore these to the wedding. Fun fun fun!!!

And I just made these Ts :)....I seriously turned the picture like 3 times but it isnt turning so for now just turn your heads :)........ Tomorrow is a work day. If I am among the living...

A Finish JUST in Time!!

I do mean JUST in time! Wedding was at 4 p.m. on Saturday. I was putting the final touches on this, taking pictures, and wrapping all right before. Needless to say we were too late to all sit together. It was a VERY large wedding.....But either way I am happy with myself...

I really dont remember how old this quilt top is. I cannot for the life of me remember when I started it. Jody may....Or not.......Suffice it to say its a few years old. So a finish on this AND being able to give it as a wedding gift to someone who will cherish it is a good feeling :).....To celebrate after we got home from the reception this is what I did.........And in about an hour I will be repeating this action. Maybe sooner :)

The Task Before Me

I will be working on this until probably Friday night! Wedding is Sat....
So Jody kind of confused me with her answer..She answered correctly then took it back! hahahahah.I made the princess tank for me. I usually tell everyone I am the queen but the queen is usually evil in Disney talk so I decided to just be a princess for our Disney trip.............Anyways I decided that Freda AND Jody will get a little vinyled goody...I have Jody's address so just need yours Freda :)...

A Little Bit Of Cameo Love

So this weekend I kinda ignored the two dozen quilt tops in the basement staring a hole though me.....DId I mention I got 3 MORE quilt tops on Sat?...Sorry I digress.....I decided it was playtime!!!
My girls and I need Star Wars Tanks for Disney World..Now not all of us are going but we all need them :)..Thats the way I work. So here they are and I LOVE how each one is just like its owner....

Can you guess which is mine???........There may be a little vinyled gift to the person who guesses first!..Ok there is. Lol

Spoiled....Thats ME!

Today was a good day in Beccaland :)...........First I got this awesome squishy in the mail!! Pat from Taylors Outback made me this sweet little chicken and matching bag. The chicken is a pot holder. But she will have a special place on my counter and that matching bag....Well it held the Best dove chocolate!!! SCORE!!!!...Thank you so much Pat I love her and that was so sweet of you!!!
If that wasnt enough...WH came home with a surprise also.My dear friend in TN whom I may have mentioned is pg with her first little girl (after having 3 boys) will be in Florida next month. Her and her hubs are taking the kiddos to DisneyWorld...Now I have SWORE I would never take WH back to the happiest place on earth since he makes it not so happy for me...BUT he knew how much it would mean to me to see My dear one with her family..Especially 6 months pg...He bought us tickets!!! We can get super super cheap flights and we have a timeshare to stay in. So we are getting off super cheap.We only get to b…

What I have been doing :)

I really HAVE been busy. Not just lazy. However I want to be lazy but that doesnt count...

Yes this is for me and yes I know I dont have babies anymore and no I am not making making baby things in hopes.Lol...I love these wipes cases. I usually cover in adult fabric and I keep them everywhere! I do mean everywhere. In every vehicle, travel bags, lunch bags, bathrooms, and my picnic basket. You would not believe how handy they have been. SOmeone in my house has a horrible habit of spilling their coffee.......Yeah I know unforgivable......
So I strayed from my fabric covered ones and tried out the Cameo on vinyl....We have a new addiction and I will be buying more wipes cases.Sigh.....
But the REAL reason I have been away from my blog is the 8 quilts below....You might remember that I inherited 6 nieces and a nephew? Well lets overlook the fact that I cant count. I wanted to make them a hug from Aunt Becca.These arent any show quilts by any means but they are pieced with fun bright kid pri…

Happy Is.......

Is LOVING how your quilts turned out :)This one will be on its way to a sweet little baby tomorrow. I am SO happy with the last minute ruffled inner border.

Stash quilt #4 :)...I had my serious doubts on this one. The fabric was just such a big contrast. But the person this was chosen for loves Hello Kitty and these colors. So what do you do?...But I am digging how it turned out for sure.
The unsuspecting owner of this one will get it on Thursday..Yay for stash quilting!!!

I Did

Have a quilt finish today but no one to help me take a picture....So in the meantime I decide to finish some onsies. I got two sets done! The pink ones I just needed to get the bows on. The quilt I finished goes with these :)

These are for my friend who is having a boy. I am so in LOVE with these!
Tomorrow I have to get busy. SOOOooooooooo much to do!

My first Vinyl Project

But first a picture of my sons beautiful GF...Is she NOT just adorable! So sweet too. She has decided she loves North Dakota and wants to stay :)..I thinks its me! hahahahahaOk now for my first Vinyl project. I am making 3 sets of Month Onsies and these are my first two!!
They have some issues but for the first two I am happy. Only 34 to go! hahahah.
I will have some quilt content to share tomorrow :) YAY!