Just Another Day In Paradise

I decided it was time to get my schedule back up and running. I have 9 customer quilts downstairs to tackle and just had the overwhelming feeling that IT WAS TIME..........This one is for a quilt shop in Anchorage....That is Irony at its best...I tried for years to get some "big" costumers in ANchorage but finally gave up...I move to North Dakota and start contemplate quitting and what happens?

 Its a very simple quilt. A basic strip quilt with staggered flying geese. I LOVE it!..It has now gone on my must make list.
Got this done and played a little with other fabric projects. Did a little cleaning with some emphasis on little and then called it a day. Still not up to par but feeling better then yesterday........You know I cant leave ya without a little vinyl love :).........

For my little men that I will be meeting in Disney World. They LOVE  are obsessed with monster trucks.


Claudia said…
I think I just bought that quilt pattern.
Looking good !!!
Jody said…
Great job on both projects!

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