Spoiled....Thats ME!

Today was a good day in Beccaland :)...........First I got this awesome squishy in the mail!! Pat from Taylors Outback made me this sweet little chicken and matching bag. The chicken is a pot holder. But she will have a special place on my counter and that matching bag....Well it held the Best dove chocolate!!! SCORE!!!!...Thank you so much Pat I love her and that was so sweet of you!!!
If that wasnt enough...WH came home with a surprise also.My dear friend in TN whom I may have mentioned is pg with her first little girl (after having 3 boys) will be in Florida next month. Her and her hubs are taking the kiddos to DisneyWorld...Now I have SWORE I would never take WH back to the happiest place on earth since he makes it not so happy for me...BUT he knew how much it would mean to me to see My dear one with her family..Especially 6 months pg...He bought us tickets!!! We can get super super cheap flights and we have a timeshare to stay in. So we are getting off super cheap.We only get to be with them for 3 days but I am NOT complaining...I have a permanent smile on my face.............Did I mention that the following month is Star Wars weekend at DisneyWorld and I will be back there with just my girl buddies? YUP spoiled, thats me :0)


taylorsoutback said…
I recall how much fun you said you had on your last trip...one of your favorite places, right? Bet you will have a terrific time again!

Pleased you like Miss Chicken...after she was mailed off, the temperatures went up into the 70's and I thought...oh no...hope those chocolate eggs don't melt!!!
Can I fit in your suitcase? It is my favorite place to be...happiest place on Earth!!!
Anonymous said…
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