The Task Before Me

I will be working on this until probably Friday night! Wedding is Sat....

So Jody kind of confused me with her answer..She answered correctly then took it back! hahahahah.I made the princess tank for me. I usually tell everyone I am the queen but the queen is usually evil in Disney talk so I decided to just be a princess for our Disney trip.............Anyways I decided that Freda AND Jody will get a little vinyled goody...I have Jody's address so just need yours Freda :)...


Freda said…
Well thank you Becca. See we knew you were a Princess.

Here is my info:
Freda Henderson
4 Ponderosa Dr
Williford, Ar 72482

Thanks again.
Jody said…
Send me a ticket and i'll do your binding---or better yet, bring it on up! On second thought, I'll come down to where there is grass and warmth!

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