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My View

From the treadmill...A little blurry but this is what I see everyday when I run....We have a routine. When I am done they get a treat. The two smart ones have figured out they cant rush me....The big dumb one thinks she can hurry me by giving me that I REALLY need my snack look....Sigh.No pressure on me!


So this is my first official Silhouette project.I had made a card but I dont think that really counts...I needed an anniversary gift and fell in love with this project from a tutorial on how to split letters. SO FUN!!! Now this one has a ton of things I did wrong but for a first project I am pretty happy.......

I Conquered The Monster!

I honestly never thought it would be done......

It is so large I dont have space to take a full picture. This is just the back folded in half....104x130..I have done larger but that was on my 14 foot frame. I am on a 12 foot frame now and this monster was custom...I dont ever want another one!

Maybe Not So Much Blech

Kinda liking it! Now to finish the monster so I can quilt it!

Minot Flood Quilts

I belong to a wonderful online Quilt guild. I found these ladies before it was even a quilt guild. In fact I was there when the guild was formed. I havent been really active the past few years, however I do still keep in touch with a couple. A couple ladies and I are still close and I thank the guild for my meeting them :)
This summer the R.P.L.O.T.N. quilt guild really stepped up to the plate.......I want to go on record that I did NOT make any of these beautiful, wonderful, amazing quilts...I just got to be the happy deliverer of good things!!!
Each of these couples lost their homes this summer. This first couple was not able to rebuild.They have had to move to an apartment.
This is the amazing couple who lived with us. I LOVE them so much and miss them!
This couple just found out the house that they rebuilt will be lost yet again. :(....The new plan to rebuild and improve the dykes will go right through their house..
The youngest couple of the group.How do you beat those smiles :)
Their …

My Best Friend

Today is my ruffle attachment for my Pfaff....Yes I am still working on the monster. But I have the attention span on a gnat.So I have to have other things to work on....With the fact that I have four baby quilts to make for up coming bundles of joy I decided that would be a good thing to do today....
Better then the alternative. If I become too bored I internet shop. Since buying the Silhouette Cameo I am fighting the urge to buy EVERY accessory available. Oy there HAS to be counseling for this..Anyhow.I have the start of two baby quilts going.
I was very very very bored with one (yes danger zone). The happy couple have decided to not find out what they are having. For joy. So when I asked what they wanted as far as nursery colors I got neutrals...WHAT the heck does neutrals mean? I mean really! SO I am channeling my inner boring person and doing an all beige quilt. That kind of sounds like someone coughing up phlem......
Sorry. I just am not a beige person. That being said the quilt to…

The Monster

In my house.........We are going on day 3....The thing I HATE about custom quilting is the whole idea of coming up with custom ideas...The crazy part is that is what I love about it the most too.......
Like I said we are going on day 3 though. I finally am on a roll. I have made 3 passes and was pretty proud of myself. UNTIL I noticed just HOW MUCH more I have to do!
Will I ever get it off the floor? I am starting to feel like it is the never ending quilt.....
6 more days and I meet Barista Girl aka Boarder Boys GF.... :)


How cute are these?!?!You didn't think I was going to wait for baby to be born before I went shopping did you?
She is going to have a shoe closet with shoes like her Aunt Becca! That means we have to get busy!

Yay Me :)

K I didn't really deserve to order myself a present....I mean I haven't even completed the monster on Gracie yet.I have only completed the first row!!! Bad Becca....
I was however feeling sorry for myself last night. I am VERY good at the pity party let me tell you. WH and Skater boy are headed to Colorado for a guys only ski trip. Skater boy has really earned it. He is working a full 40 hour week and working hard....BUT they are leaving me!!!
I have been not having a good time through his turning into a man phase. I have handled the girl friend just fine.I mean she lives in AK so I dont have to really confront it yet, right?...The working everyday, well thats a good thing so I am ok with that...The fact that he put in for his first apartment 3 months ago and has been put on a waiting list? NOT DOING GOOD WITH THIS.....How can he leave me? Ok I havent said these words out loud to him. That would be a shove out the door for sure!
Why didn't anyone tell me how hard this was goi…


I have been avoiding this quilt for the last week.My favorite customer from Anchorage....She wants heirloom.....I just dont have the heart anymore...But I will get through it. Hopefully by Sunday.....Then I get to load her other 9 quilts tops!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Naughty Bel

Bel did NOT have a good night!!! I fell asleep on the recliner trying to get rid of a headache. WH let her out and forgot about her. I wake up about an hour later and she is no where to be found....Fast forward about a 1/2 hour and I am in a FULL BLOWN panic and everyone else in the house is running around outside trying to find her.It too another 1/2 hour to figure out she had gotten stuck under the deck and couldnt get out....By the time WH got to her she was pretty shook up.....
SHe is now where she belongs.Crawling all over me while I try to surf the net..
Not ALL of these are from tonight. This is a regular activity for her...
She takes her job as lap dog seriously...
I am so very attached to this dog.She had better not pull that disappearing act again.

Best News EVER!

One of the most dearest sweetest friends I have called me last night. With the best news..She is 4 months pregnant with a girl!!! They hadn't told anyone. They had wanted to wait until they found out what they were having. She has 3 amazing little men whom I absolutely adore.
I so CANNOT wait to spoil this little girl! I just am so sad that we live so far apart. But I can send boxes :)...Lots of Boxes!!! So I need your help! What was the BEST baby gift you have gotten or gave? And what is your favorite quilt for a baby? I want a good one. Im not scared of difficult patterns in fact I prefer them :)..So help me out will ya???