Minot Flood Quilts

I belong to a wonderful online Quilt guild. I found these ladies before it was even a quilt guild. In fact I was there when the guild was formed. I havent been really active the past few years, however I do still keep in touch with a couple. A couple ladies and I are still close and I thank the guild for my meeting them :)

This summer the R.P.L.O.T.N. quilt guild really stepped up to the plate.......I want to go on record that I did NOT make any of these beautiful, wonderful, amazing quilts...I just got to be the happy deliverer of good things!!!

Each of these couples lost their homes this summer. This first couple was not able to rebuild.They have had to move to an apartment.
This is the amazing couple who lived with us. I LOVE them so much and miss them!
This couple just found out the house that they rebuilt will be lost yet again. :(....The new plan to rebuild and improve the dykes will go right through their house..
The youngest couple of the group.How do you beat those smiles :)
Their little one. We woke her up!
She is still in a Fema trailer.Hopefully for not long.
My helper :)...Little did she know she would get one too....She and hubby may lose their rebuilt house this summer too. Only time will tell on this one.
We had to do a sneak attack with this drop off. WH took the picture. Two older brothers. They live together but dont talk to each other! Seriously! hahahah. They crack me up. I have affectionately renamed them Thing 1 and Thing 2.
One of my favorite couples :)...
My other favorite couple :)...Although you cant see her. She was still in curlers and declined a photo.hahahahah
It was a gift to me to be able to give these quilts to these wonderful people. Thank you ladies of the R.P.L.O.T.N for making so many happy...


taylorsoutback said…
These photos are the best kind - what a wonderful project the guild created.

Impossible to believe that some of these people will relocate again...their lives have been so disrupted in the first place.

I have been a bad blogger this year - too many things have pulled me away from Blogland - hoping to catch up with visits, etc. Many thanks for your recent visit and comments.

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