Best News EVER!

One of the most dearest sweetest friends I have called me last night. With the best news..She is 4 months pregnant with a girl!!! They hadn't told anyone. They had wanted to wait until they found out what they were having. She has 3 amazing little men whom I absolutely adore.

I so CANNOT wait to spoil this little girl! I just am so sad that we live so far apart. But I can send boxes :)...Lots of Boxes!!! So I need your help! What was the BEST baby gift you have gotten or gave? And what is your favorite quilt for a baby? I want a good one. Im not scared of difficult patterns in fact I prefer them :)..So help me out will ya???


Jody said…
Best gift was a quilt...DUH!! As to pattern, you are on your own!
Quilt! Most of my friends have loved the biscuit puffy quilts I have made lately!
Hahahah i was looking for the like button! I am putting a Puff quilt on the list!

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