My Best Friend

Today is my ruffle attachment for my Pfaff....Yes I am still working on the monster. But I have the attention span on a gnat.So I have to have other things to work on....With the fact that I have four baby quilts to make for up coming bundles of joy I decided that would be a good thing to do today....

Better then the alternative. If I become too bored I internet shop. Since buying the Silhouette Cameo I am fighting the urge to buy EVERY accessory available. Oy there HAS to be counseling for this..Anyhow.I have the start of two baby quilts going.

I was very very very bored with one (yes danger zone). The happy couple have decided to not find out what they are having. For joy. So when I asked what they wanted as far as nursery colors I got neutrals...WHAT the heck does neutrals mean? I mean really! SO I am channeling my inner boring person and doing an all beige quilt. That kind of sounds like someone coughing up phlem......

Sorry. I just am not a beige person. That being said the quilt top was boring me to death today!!! I decided to spice it up :)..I am ruffling the inner border. We will see if it turns out. At least it has me excited though. Something different..
The other 3 baby quilts will have color. I have another we arnt finding out couple...Blech. And then a boy and my sweet little girls quilts. The girl is of course getting more then one quilt. She will be getting a couple or three :)..ALong with a box full of other fun goodies I am putting together. I am determined she will have a shoe collection to rival ALL shoe collections!!

On the monster front I DID get the top off the ground today. And as best as I can guestimate I have about 12 more passes before it is done! Yay me!!! ugh......

On the bright side I meet Barista girl in 5 days!


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