A Bright Day After All

Today did NOT start of looking good. Woke up to a news cast that we are expecting up to 15 inches of snow. That would be after it has rained for the day. K.....I am sure that will be a bonus to help with the flooding. The snow will cover up the yucky mud though so lets look on the bright side.It could be worse.

I go to do my 2.5 miles on the treadmill and my ipod is broke...No problem I will just one of the kids. Yup all dead. But hey I have my computer I can just plug it in..K now I am running late but it could be worse right?

Little A lets the dogs out while I am in the shower trying to help me out. Worker Boys dog somehow finds a break in the fence and makes a break for it.Bel of course decides this is GREAT fun and takes off after her. Little A by this time is sidetracked trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and neglects to mention this. I head down to the quilt studio to begin working as I have a good friend coming over to learn how to run Gracie.

Something seems to be missing though...Oh yeah its my dog. At this point she is usually trying to rip off the bottom of my pants or take off with the socks that are on my feet. Hmm where is she? By the time Little A remembers she put them out they have been gone for an hour. Bel has NEVER run away before.

I of course kept my calm and did NOT start bawling like a 2 year old. Worker boy takes off in his truck, poor Little A is running up and down hills and into backyards in her jammies, and I am NOT freaking out and screaming Bels name out like a crazed woman.

About this time WH calls from AK to try and calm me down as I had sent him a text claiming that I was going to kill Worker Boys dog with his shotgun as THAT stupid dog had come home ALONE! I swear she was trying to loose my Bel on purpose.

Are you still with me or have I lost you to my ranting? Well, as I am trying to remember where my WH has put his shot gun shells my friend shows up. I realise I should calm down as she really thinks I have it all together all the time. Such a silly wonderful woman. I blow my nose and welcome her into the house. I tell Little A she should probably get dressed so the neighbors dont call the authorities and then call Worker boy to tell him that he should just keep driving. My friend is so sweet and wants to start driving to neighbors for me but I tell her Little A and I will do that later. Right about that time Bel comes running in an open door just looking pleased as punch with herself. Agh!She got in SO much trouble and wound up grounded to her kennel for the afternoon.

I fixed a strong cup of coffee ( and no I did not put any adult spin on it) and played with my friend for the afternoon. It could of been worse but it wasnt. It turned into a very very enjoyable day. A day needed by this quilter very badly. Friends are a blessing arent they? I cherish ALL of you!


taylorsoutback said…
I was blown away reading about the start to your day...then in awe of the picture you posted...that LA machine is a beauty and looks so impressive as does everything on your shelves...'course you know every quilter has to check out another quilter's shelves!!!
At any rate, glad the day ended up on a good note and all the puppies remembered where their kibble source is. Having a little giveaway - come by for a visit!
Freda said…
I'm glad Bel is home safe and sound.... and the shotgun didn't have to be used!
Jan said…
I would have made that an adult coffee.... just saying..... glad Bel made it home safe and sound and I hope today is not nearly as exciting...

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