All right enough is enough. We are having Feb. weather and it is only Oct! It is a wonderful 24 degrees outside! On top of this Oldest daughter has lost the car starter to my truck. How in the heck she did that I have no clue. but she did. Funny thing is it was the day after wonderful hubby found my extra set of keys. In his pocket! I have now stashed those somewhere safe. Not sure where at this present moment but I know they are not lost.Sheesh.

Class was awesome on Sat. A little bit of bragging here. I was the only one to finish all my blocks! Of course it was due to the fact Jody wasnt there but I will take the credit for being a fast quilter. I would of taken lots of pictures but my camera is broken. I did behave myself. It wasnt easy but the ladies were a little tamer then the group I am normally with. They were still fun though.

After class my friend Jody took me on a date. Her hubby bought us tickets to go see Jucie Newton and Gary Pucket. I think she felt sorry for me. I made her pay though as I talked her ear off before the concert started. I think her ears are still ringing. poor Jody. She HATES country music and Juice leans a lot toward that side. Gary was getting over a cold so his voice wasnt all it should have been but all in all it was an awesome evening and a ton of fun! The music brought back great memories and it was easy to remember what it should of sounded like.hehehehe. I grew up loving all kinds of music so even though Gary's music was a bit older then when I was growing up I knew most of his songs.... THANK YOU J.B.!

My camera. Wonder dog is responsiblefor this. Skater boy likes to take my camera out while he is boarding in the garage and video cool tricks. He didnt see wonder dog sneak behind him into the garage until it was too late. The dog jumped up to see what he had put on the shelf and knocked the camera to the floor. The dog is starting to cost me a little more then I like. If she only werent so sweet I could get mad at her.

I need to borrow oldest daughters camera and take a few pics. I have aprons to show you and another UFO finish! For now though i need to get my groove going and go to work......


Jan said…
Glad to hear it's 24.. your Kenai thing on the side bar said 1... BRRRRRR!!!!! :-D Glad the dogs came back too!! Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend!!! Glad you had a great time!!!!!!! Put new camera on Christmas list and maybe sweet dog will buy it for you ;-)
Freda said…
Becca, what is a "car starter for your truck." Inquiring minds want to know. Glad you enjoyed the concert.
Vicki W said…
...and I was whining because it was 42 when I got home tonight!
jodybob said…
My ears are fine--I missed not being in class with you, too!! and Juice Newton wasn't TOO bad! :)
Smiles! Becca said…
Freda a remote car starter is great! It looks just like the remote for unlocking or locking your car and you push the button on it and walaa! Your car starts and can warm up before you go outside. Its awesome!

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