They are at it again!

I wish I knew how to make a mean face on this thing. The Post Office is trying to drive me crazy. We have had a long standing feud. Belive it or not they started it! About 8 years ago I walked in to the P.O. to get a box with my little box slip in hand and was told they had just given it to me...... Uh no, cant you see I am standing here with no box in hand? Turns out they had handed the box to someone else with an address similar to mine. I said well did she have the little box slip? No they say but she is honest she will bring it back. I ask can you call her since you seem to know her? They say no she is honest she will bring it back. HA! It never came back. I complained quite loudly to whomever I could.
Then last months little debacle with the box slips they never gave me but I was just supposed to know I had boxes in mess happened. I thought not again! Ugh. Well guess what. AGAIN! I ordered some thread and was smart enough to sign up for tracking. (That doesnt usually happen. the smart enough thing I mean) Sat. I get an email that my box is at the P.O. So I go to the mailbox. hmmmmm no slip. Well maybe they havent checked it in. So as soon as the mail is delivered on Monday I have oldest daughter go get the mail. No slip. What are you sure? Are you hiding it from me because you know I will make you go get it? Nope.
Here is the excerp from our phone call to the P.O........
Me.Hello my name is..... and I am just wondering if you can tell me if I have a box in as I was sent an email on Sat that I indeed have a box there.
(wicked P.O. lady in a snotty voice) yes you did it must have just come in.
Me. Uh No my email says it was delivered Sat at 9 a.m. to the Kenai P.O.
(wicked P.O. lady in a snotty voice) Well I am sure that you will get a slip today then if you can go check your mail.
Me. I just did, no slip.
(wicked wicked horrible woman) Fine I will go check............Yes you do have a box. Its not my job however to write your slips. We no longer do that here. If you have a complaint you will have to take it up with your mail carrier as it is their job to write your slips. We hire contractors now to deliver the mail....Click.
Are you kidding me? This is craziness. Pure and simple craziness. I am supposed to complain to the mail carrier? I will and I will try to do it nicely so my mail doesnt end up in the trash bin but this is not right. They dont have to answer to the P.O.? What the heck. I am completely stumped on this one. I have no clue what to even do. Do i bake my mail carrier cookies and just try to keep him happy so he likes me? Or do I ream him out for thinking I am psychic and know when I have boxes at the P.O.? Ack!
O.k I need to move on or I am going to start drinking and it is only 10 a.m..... I have to wait until noon atleast.
Aerogarden report! One week into our herb garden and I am loving this little baby. Half the seeds have sprouted and we have some good growth going on. Wonderful hubby is getting excited to have fresh herbs and skater boy sees the possibility of growing his own jalepenos. Yay!
In other news I am finished with a couple aprons for swaps I am in. I love love love aprons. The swaps just call to me. These are both new patterns that I just tried. I love them both but just decided they need pockets. hmmmmmm modification time. I have a few more to make. Bridal shower coming up and more swaps.hehehehe.
I know this has nothing to do with quilting or sewing but this is my truck. I just had to share. Isnt she pretty? She is such a sweetheart and so so so red. I will miss her terribly. I hope that she goes over to hubbys fleet instead of having to sell her. That way I can still have visitations.

O.k. today is cleaning day and I really have to do it. I cant pull what I did yesterday. I was all ready to go work and getting in my groove when I spied something pretty in my sewing room. I dont really remember what it was but before I knew it I was hearing hubby drive up the driveway and it was time to quit. I never even made it to Gracie house!


Freda said…
I can't believe what the PO is doing Becca. That should be a crime. I love those aprons. I may have to check on some. I can send you a pix of a pretty red truck too that I used to love. Not anymore, it's evil!!!! Have a great day.
Jan said…
LOVE the aprons!!!!!!!!! And that is one clean truck!! :-D and pretty!! That aerogarden is slick!! I looked, our costco didn't have any. But there's always online LOL I want to see more updates as it grows!!! :-D
Your aprons are fantastic!

I'd definitely take care of your carrier - maybe a little something now and something extra around the holidays? It's amazing how that improves service.
Vicki W said…
OK, that whole post office thing is unacceptable! Grrrrrr - drive that cute noew truck right over there and drive it through the front door!
jodybob said…
Bec--you did make duplicate aprons for me, right?!? VERY cute!
Adrienne said…
Love those aprons! What pattern did you use? The one with the chocolate brown ties is calling to me ;-)

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