Packing a 5th wheel is no small job. I have been at this all morning and dont seem to be making any progress. It definitely is adding to my resolve that we NOT ever ever rent it out again. Every time we do I have to unpack then go all through this again. Sigh. I know my argument will fall onto deaf ears. Hubby just cant help himself.☺.Its not like I would have him any other way though.

I have to say thank you to Jan for posting the sharpie project. It was so much fun and a project that occupied us almost a whole day!
Ok Back to work....


Freda said…
The shirts look great Becca. I hope you have a great trip.
Jan said…
Oh those shirts turned out so very cool!!! Thanks for posting a picture of them!!! :-D And enjoy your trip!! Can you stow a spare 5th wheeler and not get caught?! LOL

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