Another quick check in.

I have been out of cell service since the last time I checked in .Jers truck blew a head gasket in Craik. So he parked us at a park and took off.brand new truck too. He thinks he punctered something on the Alcan. Thank heavens Glen caught up with us.

He rented a uhaul and just picked us back up. So we will get to Minot later this evening.For now we are still in Canada.

We signed papers on the house and it is sceduled to close on the 24th of august. So hopefully it will mean we can be in our house ( whichever one that may be) by the first week in Sept.

I will check in again after the border. Its killing me not to have my email!


Frankly Frankie said…
WOW!!! I am happy for you selling the house :) I hope your in the new house (the one you sent pic's of) with all the land and the SEWING ROOM :) I was in Kenai/Soldotna and though about you and the family a lot!!! God Bless ;)
Yarni Gras! said…
checking in with you is like going along for the ride.......thanks for sharing all the things that have happened along the way :-)
Jan said…
Yikes!!!! I'm so thankful you had back up!!! And happy dancing with a martini in hand for your impending sale!!! Go Becca!!!
Diana said…
So glad your house sold, now it will all come together for you! Welcome to the mainland!

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