A Few Traveling Pics

VERY Random so forgive me for that.I need photography counceling.Ü

First off if you are planning on traveling the Alaskan Highway at anytime ever you NEED this! I have traveled the alcan about 6 times and only once did I not have it! It is a lifesaver in more ways then one and I would never travel without it again.
It tells you where everything and I do mean everything is. One other little peice of advice is that you need to always be prepared with a filled extra gas can, plenty of food/drink and a sleeping bag. Quite a few of the places along the highway have closed down (very odd) and the ones that are open close early at night.You can be almost guaranteed that you will need one or the other. We needed ALL of the above. Yes we even did run out of gas once because we counted on a gas station to be open that wasnt.

This was our carravan. Missing oldests little white car that was parked on the other side of the trailer. This campground was about an hour out of Calgary and was AMAZING! If you want the name let me know.

Evidently Whitehorse is on the lookout for sassquatch.Who knew!

A cute porcupine. Belive it or not this is the very first live one I have ever seen!

And here was our first sight of home!



jan said…
Oy... running out of gas may be my number one fear.... I can't imagine out there!!! Glad you made it safe & sound! LOVE the pic of little A
Rocksee said…
I did get a milepost.. I've been reading it for months! Loves it! We are trying to find room for a spare and some gas.

Question though.. do I need to get some canadian money?? I looked and it doesn't say anything..

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