Time For Bed

We still havent adjusted to the time change.Its almost one oclock here and we are all wide awake. I wonder how long it will take.
We made an offer on a house today and it was excepted.Here is the link.
It has a LOT of wall paper and quite a bit of updating to do but we can do it. The price is amazing for 3 acres. The biggest pull is that it is out of town and the big shop. The rest we can pull up to par later. I reall am not sad about the house. We have a couple walls to rip out right away but that is ok.
It is so hot outside.Even now at 1 a.m. This 30 foot trailer is packed out with people and dogs (oh yeah +cat) so even the air conditioning isnt enough.That means a lot of spending time outside. Tomorrow is my day to find my new quilt shop!


Rocksee said…
I likes!! Especially the yard, hot tub and the garage.. You are right, a little loud, but you can put your touch on it.. It's so big!!

Good luck!!
Jan said…
OK...I missed something because I don't know which house you would be sad about..... send coffee.... but the house you made an offer on has a TON of potential. The property itself is amazing!!! Those wood floors are gorgeous!!! You'll Beccaize it in no time flat!!
Freda said…
I love the house Becca and the grounds are awesome. Hope you get it.
Frankly Frankie said…
After seeing what you did with your Home in Alaska....You will be YOURS in no time! I love the space and wonder....WHO gets the Garage? Grace house HA HA HA! I see LAWN for one to Mow and weeds for the little one to start making money off dad! Love and miss you!!! I am happy your HAPPY!

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