Sorry that needed all caps! This is one of my best buddies, my martini buddy Melinda. Her family is on there way to Tennessee from Alaska. We said our goodbyes in Kenai but yesterday I found out that I get to see her for a WHOLE day! Her awesome hubby is bringing her through here noon on Thursday and said they would just stay the night! Yippie!
Then on Friday just as I will be sad to say goodbye another friend from california, one of my oldest friends will be dropping by to see me too! They have been on family vacation and her awesome hubby decided this was the best place to crash for the night! My Wonderful hubby decided that we all needed a treat for the night so he booked us all hotel rooms. The hotel has an indoor water park. I am just so happy to see these two I dont care where we stay!
Ah today will be a good day. I found out all this awesome news. I was nervous about today. I have to drive for the first time by myself in this city. Yes that is freaking me out. But now I am ready to tackle it.Lol. I also realised that today is the first time I will be completely alone in the trailer. Wonderful hubby took little A and they are headed for Canada for business. Oldest is visiting some friends and skater boy n buddy are going to the skate park all day....... Do you know what that means???? That means that I am going to somehow fix the kitchen table that had gottne broke and I am going to sew! For the first time in a month!


Vicki W said…
You are having a great week all around!
Jan said…
Go Becca!!!!!!!! :-D
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your alone time with your sewing machine! Minot isn't too difficult to get around in. Especially if you know where the quilt shops and Starbucks are located!!!

Enjoy the visits from your friends!!!
Aweee how wonderful for you!! Speaking of wonderful I have given you and award.. come on by :)
Yarni Gras! said…
omgosh, it sounds like you are having such have such a bright outlook during what could be a tension filled move.

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