I have been cleaning out my webshots trying to get everything I want to keep moved over to Flickr. I ran across this picture. It reminded me I NEED to find the box my Jane is in! But it also reminded me of a love that I had for quilting. A time when I was consumed with trying to figure the next block. It also reminded me to ask Jody IS YOURS DONE YET???????


Frankly Frankie said…
talk about Nostalgia...seeing this picture makes me miss you so much I wanna CRY! But I won't...I will be happy...cuz YOU ARE HAPPY! Luv ya Bek's
Jody said…
No!!! The sashing is still so boring....excuses, excuses!! DH did mention something about Jane, like "When are you going to finish her?" I pretended I was deaf! But you are making me want to get 'er done!
Anonymous said…
beautiful. doesn't make me wanna make one, but i'd take yours off your hands!

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