Friday, October 30, 2009

Sometimes You Just

feel like taking a ride! Belive it or not he LOVES this wagon.Lol. Just felt it was time to share another little man photo.I sure miss this little guy. Today I spent 2 whole wonderful hours alone YES alone in Hobby Lobby! Oh for joy of joys. Not even one cell phone call. No mom can I have this or arent you done yet? I actually was able to browse every single aisle and even picked out a few things for the master bedroom. Surprisingly I even found curtain material. Maybe it was because I was actually able to focus on the task. Who knew!

Sunday WH goes back to Alaska for a week and the two oldest leave for California.It will be one whole week of just little A and I. Oh my! What will I do with only one child? Do you think I can pawn the last one off somewhere? Do kennels take children??? JUST KIDDING! sort of.Ü


Yaya said...


I know, my hubby and I keep saying once we have kids it'll be all be different because we're so used to just putting our dogs in a kennel!

Freda said...

Too cute Becca, Tice is realy growing. Have a great weekend.

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