Can We Rewind

A couple months to summer so I can pick me some fresh lemons!

I totally pilfered this recipie from

I think I may love them.Now to find me some fresh lemons so I can make this. I am TOTALLY scaring myself silly with all this cooking nonsense. Maybe this isnt really cooking, eh?

TOTALLY off topic but have any of you seen the new CHIA OBAMA commercial? I am SO not kidding! Nothing political here because I just wont go there. But doesnt it just seem wrong to make a chia bust of anyone? These people need to be stopped.Just my opinion but it is a little creepy.


1.Lemons – Wash well. Organic or Homegrown lemons are recommended since you’re using the peel…
2.You’ll also need vodka – 100 proof.
3.Zest the lemons – A microplane grater is your best friend for this. If you don’t have one, you should get one!
4.Our lemons are now nude, and our zest is in a large jar, big enough to hold our fifth of vodka.
5.Add your vodka, stir. And now… we wait. For at least 2 weeks–some recipes say 2 months! Until your zest looks whitish and the liquid is a lovely yellow.
6.Now, strain out that zest. Use cheesecloth, a coffee filter would take forever.
7.Now you basically have really strong lemon vodka. Not a bad thing in itself, but it’s not limoncello. You’ll need to add sugar, so heat up a 1:1 simple syrup, and stir until disolved.
8.Add the syrup to your vodka mixture.
9.At this point, (minor CraftFail!) my source recipe said to add another 750ml of 80 proof vodka. I felt like, at least in my case, this really made it too strong, and I didn’t want to weaken the lemon flavor with too much more water or sugar. So I’d suggest adding several cups of vodka, then taste. Then add more sugar syrup, water, or vodka as desired to get a nice sippable liqueur. Based on advice from another recipe, I let this stage sit a while too.
Anyway, once it’s to your liking, bottle it up and stick it in the freezer, it’s excellent chilled!


Jan said…
Now you need one of those vodka infusion jars!! And I have found a winter use for mine!!!! Thanks Becca!!
vivian said…
The Chia Obama has been around for about 8 months. When it first came out a lot of stores wouldn't sell it. I ordered one from Amazon and sent it to my DS in Afghanistan- he got a kick out of it!!
Hehehehe. I cant belive I hadnt seen it before last night.Too funny.
Debbie said…
Ohhh man, this sounds sooo good, I suspect ranking right up there with my favorite recipe for homemade Bailey's Irish Creme.
lisalyn said…
I have a friend who faithfully drinks a glass of lemon squeezed into water every morning. She says it's good for you! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime. :)
Missy said…
I am totally with you about the Chia Obama.

Stopping in from SITS.
taylorsoutback said…
The first time I had limoncello was during a fabulous trip through lips were numb for hours! Good stuff but very potent!
Have fun with the recipe...

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