3 States 1 day!

THANKS to Val I now know what I was doing wrong! Now I can SEE the pictures so I know what I am writing about!

Right now we are in a hotel in Kasas City Missouri. I am so very tired! We went through Minnesota,Iowa, and are halfway through Missouri. Tomorrow I will see one of my very best BFFs. Her son is the one I am making the bargello for. I cant wait! I need some Jimmi time.

I had to drive through Minneapolis BY MYSELF. WH had to pick up his truck (which actually is supposed to be skater boys truck someday)and I had to follow. That may seem like no big deal to some but my wonderful WH drives like a bat out of hell. I am so not kidding. I was a puddle of goo by the time we stopped.And royally ticked off......

Thank heavens we parked the truck after we got out of town and then road together. I dont do traffic. call me a wimp,chicken,or anything else you want to but I just dont do it.It took me a month to drive in Minot.A city of 45 thousand.

I did happen to get these pictures. I liked the city but am not in a hurry to drive there again. I think if we want to go to the Mall of America and WH cant go I may spring for Amtrak!


Jody said…
I'm with you--in fact, you are braver than me!! My sister drives to Minneapolis and gets lost on purpose to find her way out--she is one sick unit!! but I always feel confident SHE can find her way anywhere in any place!! Get some rest!!!!
Jan said…
Ahem... I'm pretty sure I told you if you came through KC to let me know. I could have delivered fresh coffee to the hotel for your whole crew ms. thing. ;-) Drive safe!
Freda said…
Stay safe Becca.
lisalyn said…
I'm with you on the driving through the cities. For some reason though I am the one that usually ends up doing it. Scary!! That tunnel picture brings back memories of my daughter and driving around Minneapolis trying to get downtown and missing our turn, ending up going through that tunnel. NOT fun!! But experiences non the less. :)

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