Yay Fiber Content!!

Believe it or not but amidst all my world travels I have been quilty busy :).....I finsished and gave out #3 of the stash quilts.No this isnt a picture of it finsished. I couldnt find my finished picture though. Then I had a wedding gift to make.....This is the back I quilted a feather meander. I just love feathers.
This quilt I started quite a few years ago for a Mystery class for RObins Place Fabrics in Soldotna, AK...Do you remember Jody? In the middle of the prep homework we got some horrible news. A dear friend of ours had died in a tragic accident.......
I attended the class but my heart wasnt in it. I got home from that class and put the quilt up. I have pulled it out from time to time and pondered on what to do with it. Should I finish or should I just get rid of it. Everytime I thought getting rid of it was the right answer something would stop me....
Im glad I didnt get rid of it. The newly married couple loves it and I feel like I crossed a hurdle. I have a couple other quilt tops with bad memories attached to them. Maybe I can tackle those.....We will see

This week I have a head cold. So since I am not out and about I am using that time to sew. Theraputic for sure. I will have pictures to show on that soon!


Jody said…
I remember. Mine is still not done, either. I turned the colors wrong in the smaller blocks and cut them so they have to be that way. So the one I did in class is different(the way I wanted them!) So I gave up, but am gonna finish the top in a mystery finishing class. But I want you to quilt it!! Love what you did. It wouldn't be a panto by any chance???

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