Is It Disturbing

that when I applied for the kids birth certificate that they asked for NO identification? I am so not kidding. I had the kids socials and i.d. card all ready......Nope dont need those. They did ask for my drivers license but heck. Any yahoo can forge that! I walked out of Vital statistics with two birth certs.....

Skater boy decided to document the journey for you. Here we are on our way.

Now we have arrived at the building........ And just in case you were wondering they have a skate boarders DREAM set up!
Poor kid. He hated to go inside the building. ALL those stairs and rails! The only thing that made him happy was to find out that tomorrow there is a WHOLE street shut down for a skate board demo. Complete with name skaters. I have NO CLUE who these people are but he does.Lol.

It all will be centered around the historic 4th avenue.

We somhow managed to schedule our Anchorage time right around the largest street festival they will have this year.....How did that happen???


Rocksee said…
Just good luck!

And yes, that is a little disturbing. And people wonder why identity theft is so huge!
Jan said…
We are just going to put that under the "wow what an awesome good surprise day!!" Now pour a nice olive drink and clink it with your hubbies glass and say good day dear!! ;-) Good job with the pics skater dude!!
Jody said…
I HATE that you aren't here with me!! Good going for Skater Boy!!
Debbie said…
Safe travels!!!!!

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