Remember me?

Just in case you have forgotten I am the one in the middle!

We found a travel trailer! Yay! Its not the one I thought we would be getting. We came up to Anchorage to get a new one but the lady at the trailer place ticked me off. Evidently after you buy a trailer you dont get it for a few days. It has to go through safety checks and stuff. I was very blunt with her that this was something that could of been said BEFORE we packed up all our trailer stuff and brought it all to Anchorage.

So I told her thanks but no thanks and we would go buy a different one. WE found a used 2001 30 foot trailer with two bunk beds. Its in phenomenal shape and was 1/2 the price of the new one.That makes me very happy.

We wont be home until Sunday night.Then I get about two weeks to finish the last customer quilt.I actually have only two days to quilt it before Gracie gets packed up. Then I have the binding to do.Wouldnt be a big deal but its a 106x106...We are leaving Kenai around the 24th or 25th to head to ND.......WOW!

Now that I finally figured out how to hook up my wireless at this trailer camp I am hoping to make the blog round tomorrow. Tonight I am tuckered out. I have spent two days organizing and finding storage solutions. I will have to share the magazine rack I came up with tomorrow also.Ü

I miss yall!



Rocksee said…
Look at you! ..

Sending happy thoughts to yoU!
Jan said…
I was about to send out the serach dogs!! Great news on the trailer!!

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