Still In Cowgirl Mode

I promised my children before we left that they would finally have some insight on why their mom was so crazy.Once they met the rest of my relatives and saw us all together it would all make sense. It didnt even take a full 24 hours and they were shaking their heads in amazement. They are still making fun of me and my little sayings but I SWEAR I heard one of them say garsh dang it yesterday! I was very proud.....
Jan you should of won a prize! They are very pink. Wonderful hubby just laughed when he saw them.I may even spring for a hat.ÜIsnt this cake awesome? Everyone surprised us with a little anniversary party. I LOVED this cake. Walmart does an incredibly awesome job. It was so yummy too. I think I ate like 3 peices.Of Course this was the reason for the trip. What a handsome little man! I had to hold tight onto him because if I didnt the rest of the fam was waiting to take him. As you can see Boarder boy was hovering in the background.

Tice and boarder boy became great friends and now we are on the look out for a baby skateboard.

My family decided that even though my children live in the country they are most definitly city kids. I failed somehow.Ü. On the way home from Ice Skating mu cuz Kim tells the kids that in ND there are bull testical festivals. Evidently she went to one. Yes I did say bull testicals. Youngest OF COURSE pipes up to say what the heck is a bull testical? This was when it became very very clear I had failed their education somehow. Boarder boy says They are balls on a cow! Yes I was horrified by the way he put that but I was MORE horrified that he thought they were on a cow! The worst part was that only Kim and I caught the mistake. Oldest was agreeing right along with him...... After we were able to stop crying from the laughter Kim made him promise to never ever say that in front of anyone again. She told him they would tar and feather him.Lol.

I honestly cannot belive how sore I am. Yesterday we started packing. Not a very physical job one would think. I guess I must be terribly out of shape. Not good........We did get youngest daughters room all done. It is ready for paint and flooring now. Today I am tackling our room and bathroom. I have two weeks until the realtor comes through. My garage sale pile has already taken over the garage. Out of youngest daughters room we came out with 3 boxes to take, 4 green garbage bags for garage sale and 3 full of garbage.HOW does that happen?


Freda said…
I love the boots Becca. I don't envy you the job of moving cause I hate moving. When will you be leaving Alaska?
Jan said…
I LOVE the boots!!!! I grew up country... I just knew you had to have bought pink LOL... and those balls are Rocky Mountain Oysters... which I run the other direction from thank you very much. LOVE the cake!!!! For my prize... fork over the pickled okra recipe LOL And Craigs List is great if it's too cold to garage sale the big items. :-D
Jody said…
Pink Boots??? Oh, yeah, that's right--you like country music!!!
Karen said…
Becca - LOVE the pink boots. My favorite color. HATE packing however. Nasty nasty job but once it's done and you're moved just think how much less you'll weigh! LOL
Chris said…
I have the SAME boots and wear them almost every day. You are gonna love them. They are the most comfy boots I have (out of five pair :D)

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