Play time!

Well I wish I could report of Five Before July but yesterday I did not accomplish anything. I did work wise but not UFO wise. That beast of a quilt that I had to get done for work is done.Yes!

I was all set to play last night as hubby was supposed to work late.But wouldnt you know it he changed his mind. He decided we needed family time in the beer garden.I will bet you are wondering what a beer garden is.Lol. Well simply put it is the covered deck that is on Gracie House.Hubby needed man space. So we put a fire pit on the deck along with a cooler,table, and some chairs. On most nights in the summer hubby shish kabobs whatever strikes his fancy and we Beer Garden it. Most nights its just water and soda to drink but those names just dont sound Manly enough.

So last night he really prepared a feast of shrimp,chicken,beef, and all sorts of fresh veges. For desert he made strawberry shortcake. Sigh....I love a man that loves to cook.So even though it was kinda chilly and a little windy I enjoyed Beer Garden with my family and didnt complain about losing my play time.


Jan said…
Sounds like a really good time!! :-D

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