Anyone have a motrin?

Woke up this morning with a headache. I am sure its allergies so it will get better here soon. Makes me think working today is going to be just peachy.Sigh ok enough whining. I have absolutely nothing to report on the challenge so not even going to go there. Hubby and I veged last night.I dont even remember what we watched on t.v.....Modern Marvels I think.....

So I am going to go out and work. Really.I am procrastinating because I am afraid of what I am going to find. I am almost certain I am going to have to retime Gracie.I know I can do it but I am scared as it will be the first time.Yikes.

On a bright note I think I have talked my friend Melinda into going to the Quilted fashion show with me tomorrow. Yay. I hate going by mself to that. It has been tradition that I go with my friend Jody and daughter Jerikah but this year neither can go. Jody will be working in it and Jerikah has a job....Who will poke fun and laugh at stupid jokes with me? Hopefully Melinda. She gets my stupid sense of humour. I will take more pictures. There is always some awesome clothing.For now I am getting up and going out to Gracie house.......Really


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