Another finish!

Five before July

Yay! Another finish.That makes two.I havent finished two in one month in I dont know how long.Wow I love this challenge. I finished the Long Arm Round Robin. It was started in Jan 07.I put the final stitches in the binding at about 11 last night.So now I need to add another one to my list.Not an easy task as there are SO many to choose from. But I think I will add Runs With Scissors. It is named in honor of the scar I have running down my arm because yes I was running with scissors. I would like to say it was when I was a child that it happened but no I am the model of what NOT to do as an adult!

It was started as a round robin a couple of years ago and since has just sat in the studio waiting to be quilted. I think it is time.

My oldest you know the forklift driver, is spoiling me! I am ok with this but I do wish that she would not spend so much money.She is a good girl and very unselfish.I am proud of that although we did have a little chat about saving money too. Within the last month she has bought me gift cert. for my nails, bought a wii fit, and Friday she comes bringing me this! I have been wanting one for so long but couldnt justify it just because it is cool. I tried belive me.........

I have been having a lot of fun with it. Still not sure how to do a whole lot but I have the c.d. and book out to read. Hubby is gone to the North Slope for a few days so gives me more play time.

I did take pictures of the Art to Wear fashion show on Sat. But my pictures turned out terrible. I had to sit pretty far away which wouldnt of been to bad but they opened a door right across from me and I had a terrible glare.The show was awesome though with some beautiful beautiful clothing.We have some very talented ladies out there.


Jan said…
Those quilts turned out great!!! And I think your daughter knows just how lucky she is to have a fantastic mom like you!! And she knows you've had a tough year!!! I personally think you are both blessed to have each other!!
Smiles! Becca said…
Jan you are so sweet. But only another fantastic mom would make a comment like that. You and your little girl are pretty lucky too!
Freda said…
I love the quilts Becca and what a great daughter you have. Enjoy your new toy.
Becca just gorgeous, you have done a fantastic job...
That's a great Round Robin quilt. sorry about your headache.

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