Super Tuesday

Five Before July

WooHooooooo! I have my first finish.The bindings are done! I will get pictures of them tomorrow as I need to hang them in the studio. I snoopy danced very quietly(it was very late and everyone was asleep) for quite awhile last night.

Snoopy Dog Peanuts Comic Animated AvatarsSo now that I have finished one I will add another to keep it at five.So this is what I am going to add. I know it isnt even cut yet but it is on my WIP list as it has to get done for a baby that will be here very soon.In fact it should have been started like a month ago.

I do have quite a few already started projects but almost all of them are at the quilting stage.As you can see from this photo.I will most likely be adding from here next.How sad is this! I always forget I have so many to quilt because as soon as they are ready I take them to Gracie House.Then I only see them on work days.

This is goin to be my prize after the next finish. Mom to the above mentioned baby has never gotten a quilt from me.I have been trying really hard to get through all my relatives and she is next. Her hubby will be getting one too but his has to be different as he is addicted to Pizza. I HAVE to make a pizza quilt. I did find pizza fabric on EBAY.After it gets here I will post a pic.I havent picked a pattern for that one yet. Ami Simms (? not sure I got that last name right) Has a pizza pattern posted on her site that I might use. Now these arent part of my challenge but I do a few of them everyday.Though I would show you the burp rags.So so so very easy and fast and they come out so adorable. Also a great gift that hardly costs anything. The diapers were 13$ for a dozen, I spent about 10$ in ribbon (I have a LOT of ribbon),and the flannel I am using is just scraps that I have had.But to be fair lets say a yard so another 10$.So for 33$ I am making 12 burp rags with materials left over to make more.I have been putting them together in bundles of six for gifts. I love using those flannel scraps too.They take up so much space and I have had it all for years!


Freda said…
O.K. Becca, how do you do the burp rags? They are adorable.
Smiles! Becca said…
For the life of me I cant figure out how to personally reply so I hope you get this Freda.I found the tutorial on the womans blog. I changed it just a little. I dont iron the sides as their is two seams with the ribbon holding it down.I do iron 1/2 top and bottom. then just top stitch it down. I measure the width and legth with adding the extra 1 inch on the length.If I have confused you I can post some pictures.
Freda said…
I got the directions and thanks for the blog info.
Deb H said…
What a great gift!

I thought about you when I was in Soldotna this past weekend. I wondered how close I was to where you are.

I stoped at Robin's Place & talked to Pat. She asked me if I wanted to be a vendor at the show. I told her I'd love to if I had something to vend! Unfortunately I haven't been that productive!

Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving your comment!

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