If You Can Belive This

My wonderful hubby flew into Sheridan Wyoming to pick up Killian. We had to pay extra for this ticket as his others are covered by work.
The car MY car which I covered all the details of with the salesman( IE idiot) was a DIFFERENT car! NOT the right color, a bench seat instead of bucket, NO sunroof, and NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He tried telling my wonderful hubby that I had okd all these things. My poor poor hubby. He is sitting there thinking there is NO way I am going to bring this peice back to Becca.HOW am I going to get home? He tells the man there is absolutely NO WAY my wife is ok with this car.
So what is that awesome man doing right now? He is RE ordering the car that should of been there! The car that I have waited for.I feel so bad for hubby and so MAD at these other idiots.......Will I never get this car?
Atleast I will have a few more months of no car payments.


Vicki W said…
Holy crap, what a mess!
Frankly Frankie said…
can you scrap the hole deal and just buy something there that you can see & drive and approve? maybe Killian really wanted to be Lolita and is fighting it until you change the name? just sayin??? Love you! I need your mailing address (not for a quilt) for a PRIZE)

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