All but 1 spot is taken! If I can fill that slot then I can send out the first set of instructions! Are yall ready????
Im not.Lol. But I am hoping by the end of the weekend to be ready. Its weird not having a stash with me. I usually have such a good idea of what to pick or which direction to go. Not this time. This time I feel like my head is spinning in a LOT of different ways. Not that that is a bad thing.Lol
So if you know anyone who wants to snag that last spot just send them my direction!


Lunachance said…
What does your mystery involve? I would be willing to bite on a mystery quilt - but want to know how often the instructions would be sent out.


I tried to respond via email but it isnt working.So hopefully you will look on here.Ü

The mystery will run at your own pace. When you are done with one step you email me a picture and then I will mail you either by snail or email, the next step.

I can send you the fabric requirements if you would like to glance at them.

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