Another Group!

This is getting SO exciting! Look at these wonderful fabrics Beatrice sent me that she is using... I love them all but especially those dark browns. If I havent said it before let me say it again. THANK YOU ladies for playing with me. I actually am excited to quilt again. Believe it or not I am having as much fun as if I were in an actuall class!

Ofcouse the last class I was in was minus Jody and I didnt get into trouble even once! I was quite tame from my normal trouble making self.



Ter said…
hi I came here from Jen's blog (diamonds fur and laundry) because I saw your name in the comments. I'm just north of you on the canadian side of the border. :)
Frankly Frankie said…
I love the fabric selection....I think I am "getting it" slow yes!!! I can't wait for my fabric to show up!
Oh la la .. such wonderful fabrics.. lucky you :)

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