Meet Mabel

Hubby and I were out scouting around a couple days ago.We found the greatest antique/used furniture stores. I cant wait to go through them more intensly.....(minus hubby)My greatest find was Mable! There she was holding up a supply of camo hunting jackets. poor thing. I aske the guy how much he wanted for her and he said 20$!!! I said sold.I had those jackets off of her and loaded into the truck before hubby could whip out his wallet. She is a bit more stout then I am but she will be awesome for modeling aprons and atleast getting the right lines on clothing patterns. I love her.
This was hubbys great find for the day. A little leather couch for the pool/man cave. Right now it is upstairs however. We have to rip up the floor downstairs to level up the floor.A few walls are coming down too. It will do upstairs until that is done and we can start up here.
Only 2 more slots open on the Mystery! I am hoping to go look for my fabric this next week. I mailed off the supply lists so yall should be getting them soon!


Jan said…
I adore Mabel!! I know how long you have wanted one too! Go Becca!! You guys are having too much fun with this!!

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