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Knowing I had a TON of sewing in store for me for this house I was really attracted to this. Today I had a bed cutain for Little A to make. The edges all needed to be trimmed in bias tape. 9 yards of bias tape......

Despite a little bit of dificulty getting it into the silver part the rest was exceptionally easy AND it really really worked. In like 10 minutes I had all the bias trim I needed. I had read just as many negative comments as positive so it was a 50/50 chance I would like it. I think it really is important the type of fabric you put into it. I have seen some reviews where the fabric didnt look like it would hold a crease very well.

So I am giving it an A+.

Littla As room is starting to really come together.Ü



I saw this little gadget at quilt market and thought it was the bees knees! My friend got it, and she loves it.
I think you are right about what kind of fabric you put in it. If you use quilting cotton then you should have no problems!
Jan said…
Do you hire out? I'm getting ready to paint and re-do two rooms... I don't do the home sewing... just the quilting ma'am...
Hahahahaha Jan you are too funny! I am thinking of going on strike after Little As room.Lol...... JK.
Anonymous said…
I saw this product demo'd at Checkers Distributors. It looked cool but I wished it also wrapped around the quilt for me. lol

Nancy H

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