Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am SO very happy to have a camera charger!

I just wish I could figure out how to get the pictures to load in the right order. I know i could move them but that isnt so easy for me. SO we will just go backwards! It was over 80 today so that incited a flurry of yardwork! We just couldnt help it. I had very good intentions of finishing my apron for the Lucy swap but I kept hearing everyone outside. So I only got half of it done. Tomorrow I will finish it so that I can pop it in the mail. As long as I can send hubby off somewhere where I wont here him having fun without me.

We have never had to trim anything before. I suggested to Wonderful Hubby that we get a landscaper in but he acted like that was a slap to his manhood. So he bought himself some clippers. Pretty good job for a first time. Just some trimming on the first then tomorrow he can do the second.
My Izzy had to keep tabs on skater boy. Well until Skater boy had the brilliant idea to let his dog RC off the line.Then they both took off for about 2 hours.........bad bad bad dogs. I NEED my fence.

This was my downfall. Killian. I had to run out and buy stuff to wash it. I finally have a vehicle that I can reach to wash. Lol. I am loving this baby. We have had quite a humorous time trying to figure out the onstar and the sattelite radio. I am not computer savy so its going to take me awhile. I WILL be the only person with a GPS to always be lost.

Here was my valiant efforts at sewing. I did so enjoy it until I heard the glee coming from the front yard at the discovery of a toad. I went outside for just a few minutes to see it. Yeah its 8 and I just came in.
After washing Killian I took a detour by the hot tub to see if I could figure the chemicals out. It is now got the weirdest looking water but definitely getting warmer. I think I will soon be fired as the "fun" mom if I cant figure it out. Oh well. All I can say is I am NOT getting into it until it looks normal.

Here was my find last week. I love this. No furniture but I have a very large candle stick!



Freda said...

Love Killian and the candle stick. Sounds like everyone is having fun and getting work done. Hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! Sounds like you are loving your new place and everything that goes with it!


Jan said...

LOVE that candlestick!!!! It's great that you are having so much fun!!! I wouldn't get in that tub yet either!!!

Amanda said...

I lovvvvvvvvve the candlestick!

Yarni Gras! said...

it sounds like everyone is falling in love with the new place! I love Killian!

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