Home Safe and Sound

Finally after being gone two weeks my hubby is home. I cant belive how much I missed him. It used to be that we would just breeze through these work trips and both take advantage of the "break" time. The older we get though the better friends we become and we hate these break times. Sure we drive each other a little nuts from time to time but after the first couple days of being apart it gets old.
Belive it or not when he drove up in that pretty red car I was happier to see him! maybe if Gracie had been set up and I had my belongings here I could of found things to do to occupy me. You can only clean an empty house so much! Lol.
I did however take my pretty red car for a spin.Ah heaven. It was well worth the wait. It felt just like I knew it would. I got a new camera charger in the mail today so tomorrow I am taking pictures!
I also get to sew tomorrow. Hubby also brought me my wireless router so I am not tied to the modem downstairs. Which means that I can finally put my laptop on my fancy dining room table (card table Lol) and use that desk for good things!
I am a very happy happy Becca!


Frankly Frankie said…
so happy he is home safe and Killian is finally with you :) it was nice to chat on the phone. Hope to be able to keep in touch no matter where you are in this world! LUV YA!
Becky said…
glad to hear he made it back safe and sound. My hubs now travels monday through friday and we are finding things to be a little different then we expected...hopefully we will find our rhythm soon.
Freda said…
Glad hubby and Killian made it home safely. Lynn and I have worked together for 22 years and until I went to work at the clinic in December we were together 24/7.
I would be so lost if he was gone. I love seeing the pix of your new place, it so pretty. Hope you have a great weekend. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off cause Tuesday is my birthday and our anniversary and we are going to goof off this weekend.

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