Another Quick Update

We are in the Lake Tahoe area right now. My guys needed a snowboard break. Thats just not a need i have so i am playing lazy today in the hotel.

We wont be home until Wed but I missed yall!

My internet was horrible at my mom and dads.I couldnt keep it on so I wound up just not using it. Today when I finally hooked up it was crazy! I had SO many messages.Lol.

Here are my favorite guys. My dad had a good day so WH surprised him with tickets to his favorite B Ball team.From Right to left is my dad,WH,Boarder Boy, and a great family friend. I am having this framed.Ü. I love these guys.
This is my dads best bud Dewey.
And this is what they do best!

That is my little sis Bonnie. She keeps my dad very happy.
This was a hard but wonderful visit. Dad slept a lot and just isnt the dad I grew up with. Its an awful thing watching your parents get older. But I am determined to take advantage of every second I can get. I am hoping to pop back out here in May for a quick visit again.


Jan said…
Good to see you!!! I'd be in the hotel too!!! :-)
Jody said…
Glad to hear you are alive and kicking--or lazing, or... whatever!~!!
taylorsoutback said…
Good to hear from you again and what special pictures you posted. A lot of us can understand all the emotions too - my Mom is not the same anymore and my Dad needs so much physical assistance to get around. Each day is a gift and I know you are so glad you have spent this time with visiting your family.
Wishing you a continued safe journey.

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