Can I Go Back To Bed

The countdown is on. We leave in the morning. I doubt it will be early though as someone here cant get there act together. Not saying who but this person is always behind!

Yesterday I did get all my sewing done.Yay for not being behind when I get home.

Here is my swap apron for Vals cheap swap. Not a good picture but Mabel wasnt feeling up to pictures yesterday. She is still in peices in two different rooms.Ü
I am also in a snowflake swap. So I made a matching hostess apron and trimmed a tea towl.
I had forgotten to post this however. look at this beautiful post card from Kay! I love it and it makes me want to get back to making them.

Ok now I have a house to clean,bags to pack,a car to cllean,and school reports to do.......Where is a good slave when you need one? And can someone please tell me how in the heck I am going to survive a two day road trip with two kids and NO internet? Is that even possible????


Frankly Frankie said…
do you find these swaps? Next time send me the link....I wanna play :)
Freda said…
Jen Sue Wild said…
Have a sfae and happy trip!!
Anonymous said…
Wow! That apron is great!
Shawnee said…
I NEED that Flapper Girl fabric -- where did you get it?!? So cute!!

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