Stitchin Along

While I was in California I decided to work on my embroidery. It was either keep my hands busy or hurt a few people. WH thought I should keep my hands busy. He wasn't too keen on bailing me out from N.D.Believe it or not I did ALL these in the time I was there. I was really diligent at keeping my hands busy.
The bad thing though is that I had really wanted these. Until I did them. The circumstances that I made them under just ruined them for me. I don't even want to look at them now. Sigh. I have a queen size quilt top that I have never been able to finish because while I was making it a dear friend passed away. So I guess I should be happy I didn't take a match to these.

Wasn't sure what I was going to do with them until a friend fell in love with them. She has been such a wonderful support for me so I think I will put them into a quilt for her. I can do that. I just don't want to see them again afterwards!


taylorsoutback said…
Your embroidery pieces will have a good home with your friend. She knows how much of yourself went into the completion of each design.
Wishing you brighter days ahead in 2011.

Loved reading the story of how your Little A came into your family - She is a blessing for you and in turn, you are the best thing that she could ever have!
Jody said…
Good job on the embroidery--and your friend will treasure the results!

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