A Little Quilty Goodness

Do you remember the Bargello graduation quilt I starter over a year ago? Well ITS DONE!!!!

I just got sick of seeing it in my sewing room. The quilting I did on it was a feather meander. Very basic for a boy but fancy enough for a bargello. I wish I had a picture of that part but for some reason it corrupted on my camera.

The quilt is in its new home so I would have to have them take another picture for me. Either way I was very very happy with how it turned out. The color choice was his ( recipient) and I wasnt to sure about them. Odd in my book. Was I ever wrong though. I LOVE how it turned out and best of all he absolutely loves it. Thats all that is important. :)

Now to get my house back in shape after the cruise and my tail back in gear quilting!


Jan said…
It's beautiful!!!!!!
Vicki W said…
You have my deepest admiration for making a bargello quilt!
Freda said…
That is a gorgeous quilt Becca and I love those colors. I haven't got up the nerve to do a bargello yet.
pirate said…
oh my *goodness* .. that is a HUMUNGOUS quilt ... what an undertaking! You should be so proud that it turned out so fantastic!

The layout is simply eye-catching and the color combination is perfect for it.

Congratulations on a job well done!
Randi said…
OMG! That is so fabulous!

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