I Am STILL Alive!

We have visitors here from Alaska so I have been going going going. Having a blast but very busy.
I wanted to share my doll quilt that I recieved from Megan! Isnt it just the cutest? I LOVE it Meagan thank you!

Then I see all these other goodies. Wow! Can you say spoiled? That bright colored fabric does not show its true beauty in this picture. She sent it to match my silk quilt and it does perfectly! So I am thinking pillows Ü.Can you guess why this is here? Ü. Oldest daughter is now 21! Her first course of action was to buy her dad a present! Lol what wonderful child. I am trying to convince her now to buy the margarita machine I want for me.

This is my friend Lil from Alaska. One of my martini buddies. I have missed her terribly and am going to cry like a baby when she has to leave. Speaking of which its time to go play with her some more! We only have 3 days left!


Melinda Cornish said…
the doll quilt is adorable....I looked for a bernina silk quilt kit and could never find where they are...Do you have a link by chance....i sure love yours......thanks so much, Melinda
Jen Sue Wild said…
Awwe look at all that yumminess.

lucky girl..

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