Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wed. Musings

Well my tooth is fixed. We have also switched dentists. My dentist was unable to fit me in. Waiting a couple of days wouldnt of been a big deal. But after going to this guy for six years and dumping loads of money into his pocket, he was unable to fit me in at all. Would you not say a front tooth was definitely an emergency. We have been a little unhappy with him for awhile.

We started out with him when he opened his practice. Little by little though I have noticed he has been having less time for explaining and even polite conversation. We had no dental insurance for years also. So this meant we had to have work done at a slower pace because it was ALL coming out of pocket. Maybe he wasnt happy with that. I don't know.

We have insurance now though so now we can all get caught up. We also have found a new dentist. He has just opened his practice so again we start with them. Right now he has time to explain what he is doing and time to make you feel comfortable. Will he change as his practice gets bigger? I hope not. I really like this guy and his employees. I know my kids will like him. He seems to be close to their age!

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