Ho Hum Day

I should be out working in Gracie House but for some reason I am without power. So while I wait for hubby to come fix it I am in here playing. I should be doing something constructive.Nah...
Meet Issie. This is my boxer. Full of personality and my sweetie. Right now she is pouting however as I wouldnt let her chase the cat. Most of the time she couldnt care less but not today. If you know boxers you know they have pouting down to a science.
They turn their back to you and from time to time throw disgusted looks at you while sighing so loudly you cant NOT know they are mad. She will get over it I am sure. In an hour she will have forgotten and be begging me to give her a treat. They also have short attention spans.
We are owned by 3 dogs,2 cats, and a rabbit. We are nuts!


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